Flowers on a random day


“I would rather have one daisy or a rose on a random Monday, every now and then, than a huge bouquet on a Valentine’s Day once a year. “

Flowers on a random day, beat grand gestures or expensive elaborate bouquets once a year. They don’t look and feel like obligations, they simply say “I thought of you”, “you are very special to me”, they are a random “I love you” without words.

They don’t need to be every day or every week or on particular schedule, they simply need to be. On a random day they are unexpected, a pleasant surprise, a splash of spring in the middle of cold winter a smile on a dreary day.

Flowers on a random day are a TEN and the giver is a keeper! 


Photo taken by Thousand Words Photography on a random Tuesday 🙂


Glass of Blues

So if you are singing the blues today…cheers. This one is on me.


This glass of blues I shall drink to the very bottom.

Oversight of what’s important, failure to notice and act upon what matters, can surely cost you, a lot and everything, everything and anything you hold dear. If it sounds all too familiar – pour yourself the glass of blues, taste it, savor it and own it! Drink it to the last drop and when there is no more blues left and no more oversight to regret, move on and move forward, with confidence and without fear. Oversights and moments of blues will happen for sure, but you’ll learn to appreciate those moments, like lessons to be learned, like advise from old friend, like bitter sobering truth, like old scars that tell the story.  Just remember this too shall pass, get up and keep moving forward.


So if you are singing the blues today…cheers. This one is on me.

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