Flowers on a random day


“I would rather have one daisy or a rose on a random Monday, every now and then, than a huge bouquet on a Valentine’s Day once a year. “

Flowers on a random day, beat grand gestures or expensive elaborate bouquets once a year. They don’t look and feel like obligations, they simply say “I thought of you”, “you are very special to me”, they are a random “I love you” without words.

They don’t need to be every day or every week or on particular schedule, they simply need to be. On a random day they are unexpected, a pleasant surprise, a splash of spring in the middle of cold winter a smile on a dreary day.

Flowers on a random day are a TEN and the giver is a keeper! 


Photo taken by Thousand Words Photography on a random Tuesday 🙂


Glass of Blues

So if you are singing the blues today…cheers. This one is on me.


This glass of blues I shall drink to the very bottom.

Oversight of what’s important, failure to notice and act upon what matters, can surely cost you, a lot and everything, everything and anything you hold dear. If it sounds all too familiar – pour yourself the glass of blues, taste it, savor it and own it! Drink it to the last drop and when there is no more blues left and no more oversight to regret, move on and move forward, with confidence and without fear. Oversights and moments of blues will happen for sure, but you’ll learn to appreciate those moments, like lessons to be learned, like advise from old friend, like bitter sobering truth, like old scars that tell the story.  Just remember this too shall pass, get up and keep moving forward.


So if you are singing the blues today…cheers. This one is on me.

This photograph was taken by me using light and long exposure technique. You can check out my work here
and most of my work is available for sale here and More work is added every day.

Be A Light

In the world full of darkness Be A Light.

The Ghostlight Project got me thinking that, while I was unable to join this national movement on the local level at our Saint Lawrence University Theatre , it didn’t mean I couldn’t join the movement online.

I am a photographer, a linguist, a mother, a wife and a friend and I fight for equality, for human rights, I fight against racism and hatred. I will stand up and peak up!

More love, more kindness and acceptance for all.

In the world full of darkness Be A Light.


Love to all,


Please join The GholstLight Project and Be A Light.


Overworked can be sexy


This post may not be what, one would imagine, should come with such prompt of the day or the title. However, I do wish to focus on positive things ever more…

So this is


my husband’s old overworked tractor. It proved itself useful numerous times and in many ways, no doubt, it existed and aged way before I came into the picture. It looks rusty and is in a rough shape, but still runs and does the work, nonetheless. I took this photo of it, as a memory.

This is the first tractor I ever got to ride and drive. It is one of the many fun and sweet memories my husband and I share together. I was having fun and loving every minute of it, then he told me about this song “She thinks my tractor is sexy”…hmm… indeed, I later got to listen to it too. From that moment on, it is the phrase I associate with this tractor, this memory and this photo. On Flickr it is titled just that 🙂

So yes, from my experience, overworked can be sexy…even if just for this tractor.



Everyday art

There is always something aesthetic to be found in everyday life. You don’t have to go far.


There is always something aesthetic to be found in everyday life. You don’t have to go far.

This drink, was made out of fresh strawberries right in front of me and for me.


Now, I don’t always take a photo of my drink but when I do, it is because the drink was, exceptionally executed and pleasing to the view, work of art and the atmosphere was a complement to the aesthetics of the moment.

On that note:

“Drink because you are happy, but never because you are miserable.”
― G.K. Chesterton

Cheers! 🙂

Baby steps

I spent Day 4 of my photography business progress, making small steps. Uploading photos to my own new website, processing new photos and trying to understand how the website I chose to host my domain operates. For those of you interested I went with smugmug and my experience with it was plenty disappointing.

First, they aren’t clear in their description of plans and what features you are going to get. It looks clear at first, but there is a lot that they don’t tell. For example for Power plan it stated that prints can be ordered from their lab, it is not untrue they can be! Only by the owner of the site, not everyone else. To be able to give the access to my customers or sell my images, I had to upgrade, which was way more than I was wanting to spend for a year, but now that my money was tied up in the “power” plan which was not going to cut it, we upgraded to portfolio package. Here customers can order their prints in different sizes with tons of different options, here I can sell images in digital format etc, and get 85%. Sounded like a deal, but not really.

Now the pricing, yes I can customize my own pricing, that is if I want to charge on top of the prices they already set and let me tell you, they set them high enough. After I mark them up, only then I get 85% of the MARKUP! Otherwise I don’t get anything. As a starting out, new business and not knowing how well anything will sell, I was not even remotely interested in paying $150.00 for the domain per year, not fora plan like this one anyways, where the cost of prints is overpriced and for me to make any money I have to mark up very low and get next to nothing or mark up high and risk not selling anything.

Oh well. What’s done is done. A word of caution to anyone who is looking for a domain, read all the plans’ descriptions carefully and don’t assume anything. If i had an option to go with different host, I would.

So the website is progressing one day at a time, logos are made, feel free to click on the link and vote on my logos. The business phone number and email with domain name is set. I am still working on the business card design and as soon as it is ready, I will be very excited to share with you.

As the most difficult part of it all approaches, I am starting to break out in cold sweat. The advertising and gaining clients!!! I am not sure where to begin except Facebook, twitter and giving out business cards. I am thinking, I will need to give away some photoshoots for free, to get a better, more up to date portfolio. All day long I was sweating it, worrying, since I was going to gradually transition from free, hobby photographer to a paid one, very gradually. Now I feel that with the money invested into site, email domain, small studio kit and additional canvas prints for the gallery, I have to move faster, more aggressively and I was not at all prepared.

Then, I paused and watched my 8 months old, holding onto the couch making baby steps towards my husband’s unattended laptop, that he so clearly wanted to get his hands on and sure enough, one baby step at at time he got closer, some steps were more confident then others, his little legs a bit shaky. A few times he landed on his butt, he slowly got up, he then moved towards the window, made more steps holding onto to the window and there he was, right next to the laptop not even pausing he started slapping the keys and getting all sorts of things on the screen.He was happy! It wasn’t his advanced walking skills or very sturdy legs that got him there, it is the determination, the goal and the strong desire to achieve it and no intention of giving up. It’s the small baby steps and a couple of tough landings that did not deter him, that got him there. I was so proud of him and let him have his few minutes of triumph, before I gently guide him to something different.


I felt a relief in my chest, I knew I am going to get there. My 8 month old son just taught me a valuable lesson without even knowing it. He has the determination that I believe he inherited in part from me.

Now on to the next step….