Starting Out

I am a starting out photographer. I am not new to photography itself, I am new to the world of photography for living and not just a hobby or fun only. I am new to photography business, so please bear with me, as I navigate this quite complex and highly competitive world.
My passion for photography started in 2009 when I took digital photography class as an elective, while in college and continued ever since. I took all available to me photography classes and just kept shooting through the years. Portraits, events, travels as well as nature, name it. I just always did it for the fun of it and when asked by friends and family at no charge. I have a Flickr account, so please feel free to check out my work hereย, while this page is a work in progress.14066349_10206899717640752_5533850529887763225_o
However, this little baby boy, you see in the photo above, has inspired me to seek more out of life. While I am on a temporary leave from my employment, as a social worker and taking care of him, I have spent numerous hours photographing him, resulting in a large volume of photos, some are fantastic and other’s are, well, just for us and for the memories. While showing off some of the better work on social media, I got a lot of praises and a few requests from friends to photograph their kids. However, given the fact that I would have to leave my little one in someone else’s care is an expense of its own, not to mention continuous wear and tear on my equipment, gas and a few hours of processing the photos. Every photographer knows that for one hour of the shoot we spend two or three processing all the photos and that needs to be factored in. I have decided that we could use extra income as well as it would give me something else to do for an hour or so outside the home that would bring me joy and benefit our family.
I have made this decision last night and today I am making my first steps in that direction. Luckily for me my husband supports me in this decision and encourages me to pursue my passions. I already have a very good camera, an ok lighting set, and we have a room in our home for small portrait studio set up.While doing some reading on this kind of start-up I have realized that having a website will be a must so I came to word press for that. While I am not sure if this was a great choice for photography website, I have to start somewhere. However what I wasn’t planning on is blogging, so I am not sure if this will work for me as I have never blogged before. This is a new for me. However, I made up my mind to fully dedicate next few days to social networking advertising and re-branding my dormant twitter account into my promotion social network “sidekick”.
Now let me tell you about the area I live in, and that what’s making me unsure about the success of my endeavor. We live in a beautiful, but very poor rural county of Northern New York. People here struggle to scrape by, middle class barely keeping its head above the water and the well to do are very few.The local photographers have years of experience, established name and clientele on me. In the words of my oldest son a “one up” on me. However, being a motivated and passionate person I am, still willing to give it a shot. Please feel free to share your ideas, experiences and pointers .

If you are a photographer how did you start-up? What are the few things I should keep in mind that you wish you knew when you started? If you are a client who frequently uses photographer’s services what do you look for in a photographer? Session? What would turn you away from a photographer? Etc.

I also was to add that I do not have a very large portfolio to showcase.
Thank you and good day to all.


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